10 Mile Backroad Run/Hike Raising money for Avella and Jefferson Twp. volunteer fire depts.
Polar Star Club ( Avella, PA)
849 Meadowcroft Rd , Avella, PA

The SHADES OF DEATH 10 MILER will be a challenging, hilly, 10 mile loop backroad run/hike located in Avella, PA. It will start and finish at the Polar Star Club.  60% of the run will be on a lightly traveled dirt/gravel road with about 40% on paved roads.

Over 1200' of Ascent and 1200' of Descent. Within the first mile you will tackle the longest and steepest uphill of the run @ +14.5% grade / 1.5 miles long 

There will be a 4 hour cutoff to finish the run\walk.

The run will take you on multiple back roads including Shades Of Death Rd, with scenic views of farms and forests. Near the end of the run you will pass by Meadowcroft Rockshelter which is an archaeological site that contains the earliest known evidence of human existence in North America.

We will have 3 aid stations setup on the course around mile 3, 6, and 8. 

You are invited to stick around after the race for a BBQ meal (included), drinks and live music.

Last day to pre-register is 10/15/2022


Any questions or concerns, please contact Mandy Gailey


All donations and profits will benefit the Avella Area and Jefferson Twp. Volunteer Fire Depts. 




Registration is now closed for this event.